Windows 10 2004/20H2 – Use LXP in Task Sequence

Last year I wrote a Blog Post about Language Experience Packs (LXP’s) within a 1909 OSD Task Sequence.   But I think no one of us still want to deploy this “old” OS and is looking forward to Windows 10 20H2. Fortunately, my colleague Markus just texted me last week with some optimization for the implementation of LXP’s. I really liked it so here it is. Package:  You […]

Windows 10 1909 – Use LXP in Task Sequence

A few weeks ago, my team and I started looking into the installation of LXP’s in a Windows 10 1909 OSD TaskSequence. This Post describes my current implementation to solve the need. LXP’s (Language Experience Packs) are the new LIP’s (Language Interface Packs) in an appx package format delivered from the Microsoft Store (LXP’s also receive updates from the store […]

Regex with Canvas Apps in PowerApps

The current SharePoint Connectors don’t support creating folders directly via PowerApps in a SharePoint Library. To solve that, I used a custom list and a Flow in the background to create folders. We had the problem that users start typing in not supported folder names with invalid characters. Checking this in flow is an option but in my opinion a […]

Filter first party connectors

When it comes to manage connectors and identify which connector is from Microsoft and which not, we can use the documentation . To go a step further we can set up a flow which will check with a scheduled trigger which connector is first party (from Microsoft) and which not.    For that we can use the connector “List Connectors” […]